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After scaring Noam Dar into accepting his challenge for an NXT Heritage Cup match last week as part of Halloween Havoc, Akira Tozawa continued his training as the newest member of Alpha Academy by battling the leader of Meta-Four in the night’s first match.

The opening three-minute round ended without any falls, despite a last-second superplex. Dar ended that trend with a quick, cheap pinfall with a handful of tights to take a 1-0 lead. He added a few cheap shots but not enough to force a disqualification from the referee.

Tozawa tied it up with an ankle lock at the close of the fourth round, creating a sense of urgency for the remainder of the bout, which would be fought under sudden-death rules.

With the clock ticking dow, Lash Legend pulled him out of the way and Tozawa crashed to the mat below during a senton attempt. Dar retained moments later.


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Without the outside interference, and what felt like a rushed match time, Dar and Tozawa could have torn the house down. As it was, this was a perfectly acceptable opener that highlighted the two factions and gave the heels a sneaky victory.

Alpha Academy looked like a big deal and Maxxine Dupri continues to grow as a performer with every television outing.

Good, inoffensive stuff to start the show.

Dar defeated Tozawa to retain

Top Moments and Takeaways

  • Commentator Vic Joseph pointed out that Meta-Four did not have the numbers advantage it usually has with Chad Gable, Otis and Dupri at ringside.
  • Joseph pointed out Tozawa’s 17 titles in WWE, and that he was chasing an 18th. He didn’t mention that 16 of them were 24/7 Championship “reigns,” though.
  • Dupri struck Oro Mensah with a slap, and Gable and Otis laid him out to close the segment. 

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