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In a day and age when fantasy sports have taken over, wrestling fans have fully embraced the notion of WWE and All Elite Wrestling making possible trades to improve their rosters and keep talent fresh.

Each brand has several marquee Superstars too talented to be cast aside the way they have been recently, and just like the old territory wrestling days, a move to a new company would ensure big names and storylines don’t get stagnant.

As both major wrestling companies approach the new year, here are the most beneficial fantasy trades between Triple H’s WWE and Tony Khan’s AEW.

Andrade El Idolo for Shinsuke Nakamura

The first possible trade is one that features two international stars who have been underutilized and underappreciated for too long.

On the AEW side, Andrade El Idolo has the in-ring talent and mystique to be a legitimate top name, but inconsistent booking and stop-and-go storytelling have doomed his chances of reaching the next level.

As for Shinsuke Nakamura in WWE, the company has given him main event matches and storylines, but it has never pulled the trigger on a major championship reign despite how successfully he was in Japan and NXT as the top personality.

The Artist and Andrade have fought some of the best in the world in their respective companies, but a change of scenery would be mutually beneficial.

Nakamura would have a plethora of dream matches against the likes of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and MJF, while Andrade could rekindle his feud with Johnny Gargano or take aim at Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

A trade sending Nakamura to AEW and Andrade to WWE would give both men a new lease of life and the opportunity to shine under a new regime.

Drew McIntyre for Big Bill

The next trade depends on the contract status of Drew McIntyre and whether he will—or already has—re-signed with WWE.

If the Scot is a lame-duck performer, the company should try to trade him before the current deal expires and salvage anything of value.

If McIntyre doesn’t plan on returning, Triple H should target AEW’s Big Bill.

Big Bill is one-half of the current reigning AEW tag team champions and has been booked strong recently despite a lackluster start to his career with Khan’s company. Big Bill has the size, physique and ability on the mic to replace McIntyre in WWE storylines.

For AEW, McIntyre is the caliber of athlete and performer needed to help transcend into mainstream notoriety. One of the company’s most significant issues is bringing in new fans, and The Scottish Warrior can be a draw for male and female fans, both hardcore and casual.

Both companies would receive fair compensation, and each performer would have an environment conducive to finding long-term success.

House of Black for Viking Raiders and Valhalla

The final trade would be a huge multi-person deal that sends two stables and their members to the opposite brand; House of Black heading to WWE for the Viking Raiders and Valhalla.

House of Black consists of Brody King, Buddy Matthews and Julia Hart, led by Malakai Black. The problem is that injuries, lack of character development and inconsistent booking have plagued the group and destroyed any momentum it created.

While the Viking Raiders and Valhalla have been given more opportunities to shine in WWE, they are nothing more than gatekeepers for Triple H and Co. and they’ve never been truly considered a top team despite their unreal in-ring work rate.

With Black having a long history with Triple H after his run in NXT and the Viking Raiders being known as one of the most dominant tag teams in indie wrestling history, having the two stables switch sides is exactly what everyone involved needs.

House of Black would regain its mystique, and the Viking Raiders would be allowed to go full bore again, giving AEW even more depth in the tag team division. This trade would be the definition of win-win for the two companies.

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