Best UFC Betting Sites & Apps – MMA Sportsbooks 2023

As the popularity of online sports betting skyrockets, sportsbooks consistently add betting markets for growing sports like MMA. 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stands unrivaled as the premier MMA organization in the world with the most renowned fighters and biggest pay-per-views. As you might guess, UFC fights are in a league of their own for betting volume.

These are the best UFC betting sites online to get in on the action.

We’ve reviewed the top UFC sportsbooks below. Once you’ve pinpointed your preferred sportsbook, use our dedicated links to register. By doing so, you’ll unlock our exclusive promotions and bonus offers, enhancing your betting experience right from the start.

Rooted in the heart of Las Vegas, BetMGM has established itself as a frontrunner for UFC betting. Its intrinsic connection to MGM Resorts provides a distinctive edge, as the resort giant has considerable affiliations with the MMA world.

This relationship not only enhances the credibility of BetMGM in the UFC betting realm but also ensures that bettors are presented with enticing promotions during UFC fights.

When it comes to the user experience, BetMGM goes above and beyond. Here are some features that make it stand out.

The illustrious legacy of Caesars is intertwined with prizefighting, dating back to the golden age of boxing. But as combat sports have evolved, so has Caesars, eagerly embracing the dynamic world of MMA and, in particular, the UFC. Caesars’ commitment to the sport is evident in its offerings, which stand out for several reasons.

Stepping into the realm of UFC betting, FanDuel presents customers with an impressive assortment of wagering options. However, it’s worth noting that FanDuel’s platform does not offer integrated live streaming for UFC fights. Even so, let’s delve into the features that make FanDuel stand out in the UFC betting sphere.

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Below is a list of upcoming UFC Fight Nights and Pay-Per-Views, all of which you can wager on at UFC betting apps. 

Gone are the days when bets had to be placed strictly before a sporting event. With the advent of live betting, you can place bets as the action unfolds in the octagon.

Whether you’re on your couch at home, engrossed in the fight at a local sports bar, studying in a library, or virtually anywhere else, live UFC betting is at your fingertips with MMA betting apps.

The only caveat is that you must be within the geographical boundaries of a state where online sports betting is legal.

It’s essential to note that live betting is ever-evolving. The odds fluctuate in real time, influenced by the ongoing fight dynamics and incoming bets. Leveraging a betting app can be a game-changer in this scenario, providing you with instantaneous updates on odds and ensuring you never miss a beat.

Here are some examples of live betting scenarios you might encounter.

Whether you prefer straightforward outcomes or the intricacies of prop betting, UFC ensures a multitude of exciting betting avenues. Here, we delve into some of the most prominent UFC and MMA bet types available at your preferred UFC betting sites.

This bet is straightforward and serves as a perfect introduction for those new to sports betting. The premise is uncomplicated: wager on the fighter you predict will emerge victorious. If your chosen fighter wins, your payout depends on the odds you secured when placing your bet.

Understanding UFC odds is crucial for informed betting. If a fighter’s odds display a positive number, it indicates they’re perceived as the underdog. Conversely, negative odds designate the favorite.

Consider the following odds:

From these odds, Teixeira, with the positive figure, is the underdog. Prochazka, with the negative figure, is favored to win. These numbers (listen in the American odds format) suggest your payday, easily calculable around $100 bets. 

Using Prochazka’s -195 as an example, a $195 bet could yield a $100 profit. On the other hand, positive odds denote the potential profit from a $100 bet. With Teixeira’s +165 odds, a $100 wager could lead to a $165 profit. (Obviously, you get your bet back if you win, too.) 

If predicting the winning fighter seems challenging, there’s another betting angle focused on the fight’s duration. This is akin to totals betting in other sports. Here, oddsmakers set a number representing the estimated rounds the fight might last. Your task? Predict whether the fight will span more or fewer rounds than the projected number.

Let’s understand this with a potential UFC round betting example:

The “O” stands for “Over,” suggesting the fight will last more than 1.5 rounds. The “U” represents “Under,” implying the fight will conclude in less than 1.5 rounds.

The accompanying numbers are the odds. As previously explained, negative odds indicate the amount you’d need to wager to earn a $100 profit. So, for the “Over” option at -120, you’d need to bet $120 to earn a profit of $100. Conversely, for the “Under” option at -110, a $110 bet could lead to a $100 profit.

This betting option introduces strategy and excitement to the UFC betting experience. While predicting the outcome may be slightly more challenging, the potential rewards can be significantly higher if you’re on the mark.

With this bet, you’re not just predicting the winner but also how they’ll clinch their victory.

Generally, there are three primary victory methods (with the occasional draw possibility):

The odds for each method of victory are typically presented in a manner resembling moneyline bets. Here’s a sample of what you might come across:

It’s worthwhile to monitor UFC betting sites for special sports betting bonuses & promotions, especially as big UFC events approach. Many platforms often offer enhanced odds or bonuses for method of victory bets, adding another dimension to your betting experience.

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