Cost, location & more to know about 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix race venue

Formula 1 drivers are heading to Nevada for the first time since the 1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix this weekend.

The F1 grid takes place on a brand new street track in Las Vegas, featuring many of the facets most readily associated with the city, even including a chapel in the pit building where fans can get married.

Pop stars Kylie Minogue and John Legend were among those to perform at the opening ceremony on Wednesday, where drivers tried their hands at a roulette table and Elvis impersonators were in attendance.

Never one to take his eye off the prize, Max Verstappen — already crowned champion this season — sounded unimpressed when he described the ceremony as making drivers “look like a clown”. “For me, you can all skip these things,” he added.

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Here’s what to know about the Las Vegas Strip Circuit ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix:

Newly constructed, the track features:

The circuit passes landmarks including hotel and casino Caesars Palace and swanky resort the Venetian.

Las Vegas has held two races before, in 1981 and 1982. It served as the final race of the season on both occasions.

The official track map features 17 corners and two DRS zones, and sits at a length of just over 3.8 miles. The race will go 50 laps.

Formula One bosses spent an unprecedented $240 million (£193.7m) on the main plot for the race on the Strip, which used to be a parking lot.

Turn one is a long left-hander which doubles back on itself at the start of what is the third-longest track in Formula 1, behind Spa and Jeddah.

The race then moves from the permanent track to city streets, heading down Koval Lane for half a mile before a slow, 90-degree right and a long left going around the new Sphere arena.

There are two very fast bends on Sands Avenue, then a left onto the Strip, passing a plethora of hotels and casinos.

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A tight series of slow corners lead to Harmon Avenue, take on a half-mile straight and proceed to a very fast left at the end of the lap.

Low temperatures in Las Vegas could reduce traction on the track, and tyres could cool rapidly along the long straight section.

Formula One’s official site points out that average speeds are expected to eclipse Monza, which is known as the ‘Temple of Speed’.

The look of the circuit has been credited to creator Carsten Tilke — the son of Hermann Tilke, who oversaw the creation of circuits such as the Red Bull Ring and the Circuit of the Americas.

The creation of the pit building reportedly brought the total cost of the project to around $500m (£403.5m), although organisers say the value to the local economy will be twice that amount.

The 39-acre pit building, which will become F1’s US headquarters, spans 300 square feet and rises four storeys high.

Inside Las Vegas’ F1 track: Cost, location & more to know about 2023 luxurious race venue

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