Why was FP1 cancelled at F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix?

After months of anticipation, the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix has gotten off to an anticlimactic start.

The first practice session on Thursday night (local time) was brought to a premature halt when Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz stopped on track.

A red flag was issued before race control announced that FP1 would not resume to due a drain cover issue.

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FP1 came to an early end in Vegas with the session cancelled after just eight minutes to allow for track repairs.

Television replays show Sainz driving over a loose drain cover before pulling his Ferrari to the side of the track.

The stewards quickly investigated the issue which appeared to cause serious damage to the floor of the Spaniard’s car.

Fans in the grandstands were heard booing as the PA system announced the cancellation of the session, with fixes to the circuit required.

Esteban Ocon’s Alpine car was also impacted by the manhole cover, although the damage did not appear to be as severe. 

It is unclear whether FP2 will take place, currently scheduled for a midnight start in Vegas.

More to come.

Why was FP1 cancelled at F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix? First practice session will not resume

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