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Gunther Offers Respect for Logan Paul, Bad Bunny

Recent interviews have made it clear Gunther has a very specific idea of what constitutes good professional wrestling. The Ultimate Warrior was an embarrassment. Bret Hart was “one of the best to ever do it.” It’ll be a hard pass for him to work with the Honky Tonk Man.

So, given his increased comfort in offering opinions on all things pro wrestling, it’s interesting that Gunther went out of his way to compliment Bad Bunny and Logan Paul for their efforts in the ring.

“In general, with celebrities coming into our business and doing their thing, for a while, when I saw something like that, it was a little bit like ‘Is that necessary?’ Because in a lot of cases, it was just somebody coming in, they were getting paid or trying to make the most out of it for them and then leave again,” the Intercontinental champion said on The Masked Man Show. “I think with the celebrities we had recently like Logan Paul, Bad Bunny I think is a very good example as well, those are guys that are obviously passionate about what we do. They enjoy it, they love it. They have a high interest of contributing to it and not just going there and taking something out.”

Paul is currently WWE’s United States champion after defeating Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel, so it’s clear the company is all-in on the social media star. The YouTuber has shown an incredible understanding of the craft just eight matches into his career, flashing a combination of athleticism, mic skills and crowd work that puts him above peers who have been working for decades.

While it’s unlikely Paul will ever become a full-time performer on WWE television, odds are he’ll be ramping up his appearances the next few months with the title around his waist.

Bad Bunny is more of a one-off special attraction but has consistently drawn praise for the respect he’s shown to the craft any time he’s stepped into the ring. The Grammy winner has sacrificed his body and even picked up a largely believable win over Damian Priest this year at Backlash.

As far as celebrity wrestlers go, Paul and Bad Bunny already rank on the shortlist of greatest of all time.

Ronda Rousey Not Signed to AEW/ROH; Tony Khan Would ‘Love to Have Her Back’

Ronda Rousey made a rather shocking appearance at this week’s Ring of Honor taping, teaming with Marina Shafir to take on Athena and Billie Starkz in a tag-team match.

Tony Khan addressed Rousey during his press conference after Full Gear, clarifying she is not signed and was making a one-off appearance.

“She is not signed, but we had a great conversation. It came about because there was some unfinished business,” Khan said. “They had that match, and I thought it would be great for our fans to settle it in the ring. At the Wrestling REVOLVER show, they had the match, and I had spoken to them and I thought it would be great to have a match and build some interest and then have the story come to Ring of Honor where Athena is the Ring of Honor Women’s Champion, Billie Starkz is her minion, there is a lot of interest in that. I thought it would be great to see that tag team against two of the Horsewomen, Marina and Ronda Rousey. Ronda was happy to come here, she was great, the crowd was really excited to see her, and it was a great match. We would love to have her back some time, it was really fun, her being out here. She’s a local and lives nearby and that helped make it possible. Anytime it’s convenient, we would love to have her back.”

Rousey has been making appearances at independent shows of late following the end of her WWE run. The appearances have been a bit of a surprise given most expected Rousey to walk away from the sport entirely after her poorly-received second stint in WWE.

Instead, it appears Rousey will be making the occasional one-off appearances with friends as she seemingly tries to find the joy she once had in the sport. Just don’t expect her on a full-time contract anytime soon.

Dragon Lee, Los Lotharios in WWE’s Main Roster Plans amid LWO Angle

Even with Rey Mysterio sidelined with a knee injury, it appears WWE plans to move forward with pushing the LWO storyline.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio said WWE plans to use Mysterio to push Dragon Lee and Santos Escobar may wind up finding allies in Los Lotharios.

“Yes, Santos might end up with Los Lotharios. That was one of the ideas for them to join Santos,” Meltzer said. “Actually, originally, before the Rey and Santos thing, there was talk of Los Lotharios joining with Rey, too. Los Lotharios, that has definitely been in conversations, yes.”

Mysterio is expected to miss several months of action, so it’ll be interesting to see how WWE adjusts the storyline moving forward. Carlito has seemingly stepped into the “Mysterio” role in the feud with Escobar, and Dragon Lee is already starting to make appearances on main-roster television.

The adjustment on the fly may not have been what WWE wanted from the storyline, but Mysterio acting as a proxy while others fight his battle against Escobar could be interesting.

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