How does SuperDraft work? A guide to playing DFS games & fantasy props contests

Wanting to test your sports acumen, compete with like-minded users, and build camaraderie while adding more thrill to your sports-watching routine? If so, SuperDraft is your one-stop shop for an immersive and rewarding DFS and fantasy props experience.

SuperDraft utilizes elements of skill, strategy, and sports knowledge coupled with the excitement of daily fantasy sports contests to bring users closer to the action. Whether you’re an experienced prop bettor and fantasy player or a novice looking to learn about daily fantasy, SuperDraft provides an easy-to-navigate platform that lets you compete against other sports fans in North America.

Let’s dive head-first into the realm of DFS roster construction, prop options, and how to turn your sports knowledge into cold hard cash.

It’s time to unleash your sports expertise and charter on a thrilling daily fantasy journey via SuperDraft!

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Launched in the spring of 2019, SuperDraft is an online fantasy sports platform with a unique twist on traditional daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports, or “DFS,” condense traditional season-long fantasy leagues into daily or weekend-long contests. Rather than competing for months, DFS accelerates the season-long format to provide users with relatively quick end results.

DFS utilizes the real-life production of athletes in given games, converting their play into points that can help DFS players take down their opponents. Users will start by drafting a lineup meeting the criteria of their desired contest. 

From there, users can compete in several different contest types, with the payout structure varying based on numerous factors, most notably the size of the contest and whether or not the contest has a “guaranteed prize pool” (GPP). Having an opportunity to start anew each day by creating fresh lineups has culminated in the rapid rise of DFS throughout North America.

SuperDraft provides users with a multitude of DFS contests in sports ranging from the NFL to the WNBA. For a complete list of sports offered on SuperDraft, check out SuperDraft’s lobby of active contests.

On the majority of DFS platforms, users are restricted to a salary cap format, where their contest lineup must be assembled within the specific parameters of the contest. SuperDraft does offer salary cap contests (with the cap set at $80,000), but its main draw is its distinctive “Multiplier Mode”.

In its Multiplier Mode, users “create a lineup by selecting players available in the Draft Group. Each player in the Draft Group is assigned a scoring Multiplier based on their value as determined by SuperDraft. You can draft any player within the lineup format with no restrictions.”

Along with its salary cap and multiplier modes, SuperDraft offers a Champion mode, where users draft their lineup around a Champion scoring an additional 50 percent of points, and a Super 15 mode, where users draft from a limited pool of top players.

Additionally, SuperDraft provides its users with a unique user “Sport Rank” system which rewards them for not just their success in DFS but how regularly they play. The more one plays, the more reward points one accumulates. Furthermore, users can compete on a level playing field against users of a similar skill level or even attempt to take down higher-ranked users to earn additional rewards.

Users can also gain “Experience Badges” based on the number of contests they compete in. An “Experienced” badge is given to users with more than 500 contests entered or if users have won $2,500 across six contests or more. A “Highly Experienced” badge is given to users entered in more than 1,000 contests, or $1,000 won in four contests or more.

SuperDraft also offers a Fantasy Props feature, where users can select up to eight player-performance propositions with the chance to win up to 100 times your entry fee should every single prop hit.

SuperDraft’s Fantasy Props feature offers the same subset of sports in daily fantasy tournaments, giving players another avenue to compete for cash and get closer to the game. 

Below, we’ll explain how each of SuperDraft’s DFS game modes and their Fantasy Props feature works.

Multiplier contests have the look and feel of traditional salary cap contests, as users will create a lineup by selecting players available in the Draft Group. Users are free to draft whomever they like but remember that each player has a specific Multiplier value determined by SuperDraft. 

The player’s multipliers range from as low as 1x to as high as 1.7x, so a player with a 1x Multiplier won’t get their points multiplied, but a player with a 1.7x Multiplier will get all their points multiplied by 1.7x. The higher the Multiplier, the greater the potential points the player can earn for your lineup. However, players with higher Multipliers are generally considered riskier, as they may face tougher matchups.

Multiplier contests are offered for eight events (NFL, CFB, MLB, NBA, WNBA, CBB, NHL, and Golf), with each contest differing in scoring. The number of players drafted for your lineup and scoring varies on your chosen sport. 

How does SuperDraft work? A complete guide to playing DFS games, fantasy props & more

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