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The back-and-forth between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has not come to an end even after their spectacle of a boxing match from earlier this month.

On Thursday, Logan Paul shared his test results from VADA to probe that he was negative for performance-enhancing drugs, per TMZ. However, Danis remains unconvinced and called Paul a “juicehead.”

Paul shared a video on social media where it can clearly be seen that his sample yielded a negative result. He trolled his detractors by promoting his Prime energy drink.

“I wanna address the steroid allegations before you see any news,” Paul said in the video. “I wanna confess. I have been taking a lot of Prime Energy and putting it in my mouth and swallowing it. … Haters, you’re gonna have to keep trying.”

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Danis responded by calling the validity of the post-fight test into question with claims of inadequate procedures.

“The testing was a joke, literally,” Danis said. “Piss test after fight, famously easy to beat. Old man in the room wasn’t even paying attention. You’re a juicehead, and you proved that with the way the testing was done.”

Paul and Danis had been engaged in a months-long feud that culminated in the boxing match on Oct. 14. Danis wound up losing the fight by disqualification after he went after Paul after the final bell. During the fight, Danis didn’t have much activity and he resorted to antics such as shooting for a takedown and trying to put Paul in a guillotine choke.

Danis has challenged Paul for a rematch in MMA, but the YouTuber said it won’t happen because he’s focused on his WWE career.

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