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WWE announced on Friday that John Cena would take on Solo Sikoa at WWE’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

Cena and Sikoa battled against each other in a previous tag team match with LA Knight and Jimmy Uso, but Cena engaging in a one-on-one match against the Bloodline’s enforcer would be a one-off spectacle worthy of the Crown Jewel stage.

Cena initially returned to WWE during the Hollywood writers’ strike, but his performances on weekly television and at premium live events have reinvigorated wrestling fans and left them wanting more.

Add in a cryptic Wolf of Wall Street social media post, and the WWE Universe is left wondering what the future holds for the 16-time world champion.

The bout against Sikoa would likely include quite a bit of interference, but with the Hollywood superstar recently referencing the number of days since his last singles victory on TV, there is little doubt that Cena will come out victorious at Crown Jewel.

While WWE Creative will have ample choices to work with Cena moving forward, such as Grayson Waller, Gunther or even The Judgment Day, the long-time top Superstar should be used primarily in marquee roles to get other performers over with the fans.

After Crown Jewel, Cena is likely to return to Hollywood and work on some of the projects delayed by the writer strike, but most fans believe he will return for the Royal Rumble, as it is one of the company’s most significant events.

Cena doesn’t need to win the Royal Rumble, so having him compete in a singles match on the card to add depth would be the perfect addition. As for his challenger, a battle against Logan Paul would make for one of the most mainstream marketable matchups imaginable for the company.

With Paul acting as the heel most of the time anyway, just ask ring announcer Samantha Irvin, and a battle against one of the quintessential baby faces in wrestling history would garner a ton of attention from news outlets that usually don’t give wrestling a second glance.

Cena could easily lose the match against Paul, and his credibility with fans would not be impacted. On the other hand, a victory over a 16-time world champion would make Paul look like a viable Superstar moving forward.

Following a defeat, though, Cena would need a marquee storyline and matchup for WrestleMania 40. With Roman Reigns likely to square off against The Rock and the possibility of CM Punk returning to take the title from Seth Rollins, LA Knight could be on the outside looking in.

After teaming with Cena previously, Knight should turn on the former world champion and decimate him, setting the stage for a battle at WrestleMania.

Knight has made a meteoric rise in WWE over the last year-plus, but he needs a WrestleMania moment that will live forever. Beating down Cena, winning the war of words and ultimately defeating him in the middle of the ring would give him ample momentum heading into the rest of 2024. As for Cena, taking the loss and shaking the hand of Knight would forgive some of the sins he committed earlier in his career by burying younger talent.

Cena can still be a great asset to the company, whether it’s putting over younger performers or eventually beating Ric Flair’s world championship record, the WWE Universe should expect to see a lot of Cena for the foreseeable future.

While it was once popular to hate Cena, even the most jaded fan can sit back and enjoy the performer’s golden years in WWE.

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