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LA Knight will not defeat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

That much is a certainty.

That does not mean, however, that The Megastar cannot leave Saudi Arabia stronger than he entered.

Knight is as hot as any Superstar on the WWE roster right now. He is regularly garnering the biggest reactions of any show he appears on, eclipsing even those received by John Cena and The Tribal Chief himself.

He has momentum on his side, as much if not more than Sami Zayn last February when he challenged for the gold at Elimination Chamber. The difference here is that Knight’s title opportunity comes in Riyadh, while Zayn’s was a massive homecoming.

Still, Knight has past every test on his path to the championship and has earned this opportunity. So, how does WWE ensure his momentum continues to build instead of plateauing?

Easy. It books the match much like it did the Cody Rhodes match at WrestleMania 39, when it was abundantly clear late in the match that The American Nightmare was about to dethrone Reigns, only for Solo Sikoa to dish out one last bit of interference that robbed the WWE Universe of the long-awaited title change.

It worked then and allowed Rhodes to remain as over as he had been entering the match, a Superstar who did not fail to win the title as much as he had it yanked out from underneath him.

The key will be to portray Knight as a guy that did not fall short of winning the title but was screwed out of it by outside forces. If he comes out of the match having come within a second of winning the gold, and the fans know it was someone else who prevented it, they will continue to support him.

Perhaps most importantly, it will be to Knight not to assign blame for the loss. Rhodes never blamed The Bloodline but, instead, assumed responsibility for the loss. He never forgot it, always chased a rematch, but never pointed fingers.

If Knight does the same, he will be made as a main-event babyface.

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