The B/R Wrestling Staff Predictions for WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Match Card | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors

Rey Mysterio vs. Logan Paul

What are the biggest pro and biggest con of Logan Paul winning the US title?

The best argument you can make in favor of Paul winning the U.S. Title has to be his crossover appeal. Love or hate the dude, he moves the needle in Pop Culture, boxing, and digital media.

Further integration of his audience, which heavily includes the key demo media companies seek to convert into paying customers, will prove to be a net positive for WWE and TKO. Plus, Paul is a talented in-ring competitor. He would be a legitimate champion across all subsets of wrestling fandom while attracting a new mainstream audience.

The one argument against US Champ Paul is his part-time status. Logan may not physically show up for every Smackdown, which could hamper the flow of the creative around the title. Fans who want their champions involved in weekly TV every week will sour at the notion of “another part-timer”, no matter how myopic the point of view may be. Either way fans better “get ready to learn what PTO means, Pal”, because all indications are that Logan is going to be your U.S. champion.

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

Do you think we see Priest cash in his MITB contract here?

I can see a cash-in going down. The Saudi events are booked as major supershows which sometimes exist as semi-elseworlds tales among the current WWE storylines. The fed does find the time and opportunity to fit in a “Canon Event” every show, in the form of a major title change.

Crown Jewel should be no different. With the discussion around “Who’s the leader of Judgement Day?”, it wouldn’t shock me if Priest takes the opportunity to Win the World Heavyweight Title and solidify his true claim to the JD throne.

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