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Seth Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Saturday to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Both stars hit their biggest moves over the course of the match to no avail, but Rollins finally put the Scot away by landing a Pedigree and immediately following with The Stomp.


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After the match, Damian Priest raced to the ring with the intention of cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on The Visionary. From nowhere, though, a hooded Sami Zayn thwarted him and stole the briefcase.

After Rollins secured his second successful title defense against Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing match at Fastlane, Rollins was in search of a new challenger.

McIntyre interrupted his promo on the Raw after Fastlane and rather cordially requested a title shot at Crown Jewel, which Rollins accepted, but things got a bit chaotic from there.

As The Scottish Warrior left the ring, Priest jumped McIntyre from behind. His Judgment Day stablemate, Dominik Mysterio, then tried to run to the ring with the MITB contract so Priest could cash in, but McIntyre stopped him and laid him out.

The Scot later explained that he wasn’t necessarily doing a Rollins a favor, but rather wanted to preserve his title reign ahead of their match at Crown Jewel.

In the weeks leading up to McIntyre laying down his challenge, he began to show a different side of himself, separate from the valiant babyface he had been for years prior.

Given his history with The Bloodline, McIntyre expresses skepticism over Jey Uso joining Raw and over the idea that Jey had changed his ways. As a result, he declined to save Uso from an attack at the hands of The Judgment Day at one point.

McIntyre essentially decided to worry about himself and his own aspirations, but he also made it clear that he hadn’t forgotten about the past.

In a promo battle a couple of weeks before Crown Jewel, Rollins implored the Scot to stop talking about The Bloodline, which didn’t sit well with McIntyre, who explained how the faction robbed him of his championship moment at Clash at the Castle last year.

McIntyre went on to talk about how his greatest victory took place in front of no one at WrestleMania 36 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how he carried WWE through a difficult time.

He expressed a burning desire to get back to the top of the mountain and to do it with the WWE Universe in attendance, which is why he needed to beat Rollins in Saudi Arabia.

Despite McIntyre’s desperation, he fell short of becoming world champion at Crown Jewel, and it begs the question of how far he will be willing to go in order to get over the hump moving forward.

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